The practice nurses offer comprehensive travel advice for our patients travelling abroad. Initial enquiries can be made either by telephone or online consultation (click here to begin a consultation). The nurse will call you to ascertain individual needs and can provide advice but clinics are currently not available. Patients would need to contact a private clinic or they can also speak with their local pharmacy if any vaccinations are needed. Ideally enquire with us at least 6 weeks prior to travel; for longer trips please allow 8 weeks, this is to ensure all vaccine courses can be completed before departure.

Travel vaccinations - NHS (

Please help us to help you better by having as much information as possible to hand including:

  • Travel destination (especially multiple destinations)
  • Dates of travel
  • Any previous vaccinations (especially anything given at private clinics or elsewhere)

Please also use the following websites as they are very useful resources for travel information to keep you safe and healthy whilst abroad: